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Hammer Projects: Leonardo Drew, installation view Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, December 21, 2019–May 10, 2020. Photo: Joshua White

For the Hammer’s lobby wall, Drew creates a monumental explosion of material and color that evokes the energy and entropy of an uncertain planet.

Leonardo Drew (b. 1961, Tallahassee, Florida) creates complex sculptural works that hover between order and chaos. Assembling and reworking large accumulations of raw material, Drew transforms his heavily referential materials—wood, scrap metal, cotton—into choreographed arrays of color and form. For the Hammer’s lobby wall, Drew reworks a recent piece made from roofing material, wood, and sandpaper. Evocative of the cycle of decay and erosion characteristic of any densely urban environment, the monumental arrangement of material draws a physical connection with the viewer as it invades and recedes in and out of our field of vision.

Hammer Projects: Leonardo Drew is organized by Connie Butler, chief curator.

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