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Jaume Plensa, The House of Light and Love, 2024. Fubon Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan. Courtesy the artist.

Jaume Plensa, The House of Light and Love, 2024. Fubon Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan. Courtesy the artist. 

Galerie Lelong & Co. is pleased to announce the installation of The House of Light and Love (2024), a monumental sculpture by Jaume Plensa, at Fubon Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan. 

Rendered in paintless stainless steel, the sculpture forms a figure comprised of global languages, with the Chinese characters for "light” and "love” repeated several times throughout the piece. "The House of Light and Love is a celebration of tolerance and diversity in our multi-cultural world of today.  A human figure made out of global languages becomes a poetical shelter that embraces us with its chorus of voices," said Plensa of the work.

This marks the first public sculpture in Taiwan by Plensa, whose long career with public-facing artworks originates from his belief in the ability of art in public spaces to create inclusive, transformative experiences for a diverse and extensive audience.

The installation coincides with the opening of the Fubon Art Museum, which endeavors to establish itself as the premier hub of modern and contemporary art in Taiwan, serving as a gateway to the global art and cultural landscape. Its overarching mission is to kindle the creative essence within both citizens of Taiwan and its visitors, facilitating a profound connection between art and everyday life. On occasion of the opening, composer Zong Chiang was comissioned for new music entitled The House of Light and Love


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