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Art Basel

Booth D4

June 15 – 18, 2017

Luciano Fabro Inverno, 2007

Luciano Fabro
Inverno, 2007
Three parts: 143.7 x 31.3 x 29.5 inches (365 x 79.5 x 75 cm) each

McArthur Binion DNA: Sepia: Transition, 2016

McArthur Binion
DNA: Sepia: Transition, 2016
Oil paint stick, sepia ink, and paper on board
72 x 96 inches (182.9 x 243.8 cm)

Günther Förg Sans titre, 2007

Günther Förg
Sans titre, 2007
Acrylic on canvas
78.7 x 157.5 inches (200 x 400 cm)

Etel Adnan Sans titre, 2017

Etel Adnan
Sans titre, 2017
Oil on canvas
18.1 x 21 inches (46 x 55 cm)

Jannis Kounellis Untitled, 2008

Jannis Kounellis
Untitled, 2008
Lead, Murano glass, wire, coats on steel plate
78.7 x 70.9 inches (200 x 180 cm)

Cildo Meireles

Cildo Meireles
Espaços virtuais: Cantos XI, 1967-68/2014
[Virtual Spaces: Corners XI B]
Wood, canvas, paint, and wood flooring
120 x 42.1 x 42.1 inches (305 x 107 x 107 cm)

Cildo Meireles

Cildo Meireles

Amerikkka, 1991/2013

20,050 wooden eggs painted with polyurethane lacquer, 40,000 bullets, wood and metal

Dimensions variable

Installation view: Fondazione HangarBicocca, Milan, Italy, 2014

Photo: Agostino Osio

Hélio Oiticica

Hélio Oiticica
Grupo Frente 21, 1955
Gouache on board
18 x 18 inches (45.9 x 45.9 cm)

Jaume Plensa Invisible Laura, 2016

Jaume Plensa
Invisible Laura, 2016
Steel and Stainless steel
67.75 x 42.5 x 50 inches (172 x 108 x 127 cm)

Zillia Sánchez Las Islas (de la serie Las Topologias), 1987 / 1992

Zillia Sánchez
Las Islas (de la serie Las Topologias), 1987 / 1992
[The Islands (of The Topologies Series)]
Acrylic on stretched canvas
49.75 x 48.75 inches (126.4 x 123.8 cm)

Carolee Schneemann, GL 10767

Carolee Schneemann
Caged Cats, 2005
Painting collage
24 x 24 inches (61 x 61 cm) framed

Sean Scully  Untitled (5-5-04), 2004

Sean Scully 
Untitled (5-5-04), 2004
Pastel on paper
40.2 x 59.8 inches (102 x 152 cm)

Kiki Smith Teaching Snakes with Woman, 2011

Kiki Smith
Teaching Snakes with Woman, 2011
Bronze, single cast
98 x 91.5 inches (248.9 x 232.4 cm)

Antoni Tàpies Materia-mirall, 1993

Antoni Tàpies
Materia-mirall, 1993
Mixed media on wood
86.6 x 78.7 inches (220 x 200 cm)

Krzysztof Wodiczko Poliscar Variant 2, 1991/2017

Krzysztof Wodiczko
Poliscar Variant 2, 1991/2017
Steel, aluminum, moped wheels, fabric, motor, video components

Press Release

Galerie Lelong is pleased to participate in Art Basel with a selection of works by Etel Adnan, McArthur Binion, Luciano Fabro, Günther Förg, David Hockney, Jannis Kounellis, Cildo Meireles, Hélio Oiticica, Jaume Plensa, Zilia Sánchez, Carolee Schneemann, Sean Scully, Kiki Smith, Antoni Tàpies, and Krzysztof Wodiczko.

Highlights include sculptures by Arte Povera pioneer Luciano Fabro, Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa, and multidisciplinary artist Kiki Smith. Inverno, one of Fabro’s final sculptures before his death in 2007, contrasts metaphorical space with physical reality to achieve a superb manifestation of concrete poetry. Plensa’s wire mesh sculpture, Invisible Laura (2016), recently on view in the artist’s solo exhibition at the Max Ernst Museum Brühl of the LVR, Germany, continues Plensa’s ongoing exploration into optics and perspective and explores themes of introspective spirituality and beauty. Smith, whose work is currently on view at the Venice Biennale, presents a bronze sculpture that exemplifies her ongoing interest in the human condition and the natural world. Works by Cildo Meireles, Hélio Oiticica, and Krzysztof Wodiczko further manifest practices that engage with political and social conditions.

The gallery’s booth will also include multi-formatted paintings from a diverse group of artists. Works from Carolee Schneemann, the recipient of the 2017 Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, will be on view with a selection from her painted collage series, Caged Cats (2005). Paintings by McArthur Binion and Zilia Sánchez, both included in Viva Arte Viva at this year’s Venice Biennale, explore the artists’ unique visual vocabularies, which have come to international recognition in recent years. Historical and recent works by contemporary masters including Etel Adnan, Günther Förg, David Hockney, Jannis Kounellis, Sean Scully, and Antoni Tàpies will also be on view.

Included in the Art Unlimited Sector are works by Cildo Meireles and Krzysztof Wodiczko, which directly respond to contemporary American sociopolitical concerns. Cildo Meireles will present the large-scale installation Amerikkka (1991/2013) that deals with the threat of white supremacy and race relations in the U.S.

The viewer is invited to step onto a horizontal platform comprised of 20,000 white eggshells while a free-standing ceiling of 40,000 golden bullets looms overhead, an uncertain and unsettled environment that calls into question whether the work is opening or closing, and if the threat of the bullets is real or perceived.

Krzysztof Wodiczko will unveil a new rendition of Poliscar (1991/2017), a vehicle envisioned to enable the political presence of the homeless population in public spaces. Equipped to broadcast radio transmissions and convert into sleeping quarters, Poliscar is what Wodiczko terms an “interrogative design,” an artform that questions the very society that renders it necessary. 

Two films by Ana Mendieta will be included in Art Basel’s Film Sector, titled “Earth Tales: The Politics of Soil,” curated by Maxa Zoller. Mendieta’s moving image works have received increasing recognition in recent years as a vital component of her interdisciplinary practice.

Art Fair Location
Messe Basel
Messeplatz 10 
4005 Basel

Art Fair Hours
Private Days: June 13-14
Vernissage: June 14
Thursday, June 15, 11am-7pm
Friday, June 16, 11am-7pm
Saturday, June 17, 11am-7pm
Sunday, June 18, 11am-7pm

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