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Tariku Shiferaw

Join us for a virtual panel discussion, moderated by CNN Correspondent, Omar Jimenez, as we kick off ACM’s outdoor installation of the Men of Change: Taking it to the Streets exhibition. The social unrest of 2020 has illuminated the active presence of institutionalized racism in America and its impact on the Black community. As Black men continually fight to prove their humanity, Men of Change creates space for them to have agency over their own multifaceted narratives that shift paradigms and dismantle negative racial tropes. Panelists will share how they wield power through creativity and resistance to make an impact in their respective fields and their communities.

This poignant discussion includes the perspectives of Jonathan Jackson, Men of Change architect and founding partner at WSDIA; Dr. Rob Gore, ER physician, founder of KAVI Brooklyn and featured Man of Change; and Tariku Shiferaw commissioned Men of Change artist.

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