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In Memoriam: Etel Adnan

"And having more memories than yearnings, searching in unnamable spaces, Sicily’s orchards or Lebanon’s thinning waters, I reach a land between borders, unclaimed, and stand there, as if I were alone, but the rhythm is missing."

In Memoriam: Etel Adnan 

It is with great sadness that Galerie Lelong & Co. announces the death of our beloved artist, Etel Adnan (b. February 24, 1925, Beirut, Lebanon – d. November 14, 2021, Paris, France).

Poet, painter, novelist and supporter of human rights everywhere, Etel Adnan lived an extraordinary and exemplary life. As she was modest, we will not declaim her many accomplishments, prizes and exhibitions, but note that few have changed the world with image and word as she did. 

Today we grieve with the multitudes who loved her, especially her cherished partner, Simone Fattal.

Etel Adnan painted light itself and transformed it to memory. We mourn her passing and know that she has passed to another light. We will remember her always.

Quote by Etel Adnan, Shifting the Silence, 2020, published by Nightboat Books.

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